Cleaning up our Marine Areas in Allentown PA City in Pennsylvania

In a marine or offshore environment, maintaining a safe and clean operation is a key factor in the daily lives of both guests and crew. Responsible marine waste management is not only vital to the prevention of pollution and keeping in compliance with federal discharge laws, it can also save vessel and fleet owners money and valuable onboard space.

The Challenges of Marine Waste Disposal
Waste types and amounts can differ, depending on the length of the voyage and the number of crew and passengers, but waste onboard is sure to include plastic bags, aluminum cans, and a wide range of discarded items that cannot be released into the ocean. The common issue is that space is restricted and uncompressed waste can quickly become a challenge to handle. You need a comprehensive waste management plan that includes garbage minimization, recycling separation, and trash compactors to help eliminate marine debris that affects the environment.

Handling uncompressed waste takes time, but by installing a cardboard baler or marine waste compactor systems, you can compact cardboard, plastic, and other recyclable waste instantly. Using a marine waste compactor at the waste source can provide multiple time-saving and efficiency-boosting advantages. Global Trash Solutions offers balers and compactors for marine waste management that have a small footprint and can compact common types of waste by up to 90%.

Plastic ocean pollution. Underwater bags, bottles, cups, straws and ear buds
Here’s how our process works to improve waste management in the retail industry:

One of our solid waste brokers and recycling consultants will perform a thorough analysis of your current retail waste management and disposal practices and identify ways to reduce your waste hauling costs, improve efficiency, and boost recycling rates.
Once we’ve completed our analysis, we’ll provide you with a detailed savings report showing how you can reduce your retail waste disposal pricing by implementing environmentally conscious waste and recycling programs and equipment to save employee time and solid waste hauling costs for your business.

Allentown is a city in eastern Pennsylvania. The Liberty Bell Museum houses a full-size replica of the iconic bell, plus a mural about its history. Nearby, the Allentown Art Museum’s collections include Renaissance and modern American works. On the Lehigh River, the America On Wheels Museum showcases vintage vehicles. East of the river, Coca-Cola Park is home to the IronPigs Minor League Baseball team.

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