Georgia Guidestones Demolition Project – Elbert County GA

The Georgia Guidestones was a granite monument that stood in Elbert County, Georgia, United States from 1980-2022. It was 19 feet 3 inches tall and made from six granite slabs weighing a total of 237,746 pounds. The structure was sometimes referred to as an “American Stonehenge” or “Georgia’s Stonehenge”.

In an emailed statement, Kandiss Taylor seemed to express glee at the monument’s destruction:

“Since my election, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of THREE of my main platform issues and executive orders (Jesus, Guns, and Babies), and Just like Religious persecution, Gun Control, and abortion, the Georgia Guidestones, a demonic monument that calls for the depopulation of the earth, as well as for the extermination of 7.5 Billion people, has no place in the Christian state of Georgia, or in America for that matter! This looks like another Act of God to me. Today, it is another defeat of the devil. Never underestimate the power of Prayer!”

Taylor was not the only one who found fault with the rocks.

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